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10 Reasons To Go for the Network Marketing Solutions from MultiSoft Cooperation in USA & Singapore

Direct sales & network marketing is one of the industry that stands to peak even during the economical crisis in USA, the period on which many industries suffer to stay on the business. It is reported that during 2009, around 28 billion dollars sales made on the direct sales & network marketing industry in USA. Why not start today and make money tomorrow with network marketing. The business idea, willingness to input hard work along with the right direction are three keys to get success on network marketing. The MultiSoft Cooperation that has offices in USA and Asia (Singapore) helps you to grow in your business and touch the peak point where you are passionate to be in near future.

What qualifies MultiSoft cooperation to direct you on getting success in MLM :
  1. We know the common problems that the start-up or mature network marketing companies face with as we are in industry since 1987 and helped thousands of entrepreneurs to get succeed.
  2. We offer network marketing consultation to complete system, the software that helps you to manage your network marketing company effectively. We are glad to work with start-ups and mature MLM companies.
  3. We help you with product development, image branding, site design, compensation plan formulation, technological solutions and more.
  4. With our network marketing software MarketPowerPro, we provide the professional online presence for your business, a tool to mange your business today and for tomorrow & we let the software to grow with your business expansions.
  5. The software solution we have for your network marketing business includes :
    • Website Design - supply site design tailored to your needs, choose the templates and work on, do not need to have the professional designing skills, simply fill the required details to come up with world class website for your MLM business.
    • Shopping Cart Setup - easy to setup e-commerce website, easy to manage the products and categories online.
    • Online Order Management – Ease of access to view & edit orders.
    • Shipping Management - Check the shipping status on the system easily & ship domestically or internationally right from within software & mange your shipping – already the network marketing software is setup to work with DHL, FedEx, Ups.
    • Multiple Payment Gateway Support – this MLM marketing Software is integrated with over 70 payment gateways, so  collect your money instantly.
    • Real Time Enrollment - 3 easy steps for new distributors to sign up with, no confusion. Also, you can add new fields to the standard enrollment form.
    • Robust Genealogies
    • Distributor Back Office
    • Content Management
    • Graphical Reporting - Over 50 reports are in the system, all data on your finger-tips, there are graphs, charts and so on, more graphical reports to understand the process more easily.
    • Spam Free Communication
    • International Capabilities
    • Language Translations
    • Administrative control  & more...
  6. Our system for MLM business management is praised as the “Business Growth machine” by one of our client.
  7. Capability to handle entire distributors that you have with you, let it be hundred or billion
  8. This multilevel marketing software is built on a platform that is used around 80% of world's computers and Microsoft.NET is the state of art that supports stability.
  9. Your data is secured, completely PCI compliance, quarterly compliance scans to ensure your information is safe.
  10. To setup a business, serves, backups, IT staff, physical security concerns are important – but we do all for you with the MarketPowerPro. No headache on dealing with hardware, software, IT people, firewall, storage and so on.
With decades of experience and offices in USA and Asia (Singapore) let MultiSoft to guide you in the right direction to get success on your network marketing business. Contact MultiSoft representative today to get the best solutions for your network marketing business.